ADA Consulting

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We offer consulting services for all your document accessibility needs. Some knowledge of document accessibility is required in order to take advantage of our consulting services. Because of this, our ADA consulting service is limited to clients who have already purchased and completed training.

We will work with you to answer questions about specific documents you are working on. We offer the following consulting options:

Option 1: Questions are submitted and answered with written instructions within one to two business days. (This option works best if you have multiple staff members creating and remediating simple documents.)

Option 2: Questions are submitted and answers are provided with video explaining how to properly tag the documents in question. (This option works best if your documents contain complex structures such as tables, lists, and forms.)

Option 3: Questions are answered during virtual meetings at various time intervals. (This option works best as a “train the trainer” program.)

If you have completed training and need further assistance with your documents, contact us for personalized pricing.